Life finds a way.
Me: *turns on radio*
Taylor Swift: feels feels feels revenge slut-shaming more feels you broke my heart and now I'm making a catchy country tune about it yeah yeah yeah acoustic guitar
Bruno Mars: suicidal thoughts and plaid and war zones and gratuitous morphine use pain angst hurt for some reason all my songs involve me unnecessarily dying for you
Rihanna: no one cares what I'm singing about but you can assume it's a shitty metaphor for sex while I gyrate in little to no clothing on fake animals but at least it's stupidly catchy
Every single rap artist: bitches hoes in da club lots of money she wants the dick all these songs are about clubbing and sex and does anyone honestly live this lifestyle outside of music videos
Nick Minaj: hkjhkjhcw fweljfhwjhddljhd hfojencojen nieukjdh lots of fast talking in a weird accent ha ha ha pop culture reference I'm a feminist with lots of wigs and in case you haven't noticed BIG BOOBS I don't even know what I'm rapping about lol
Me: *turns off radio*

This one time, I had this really hot girlfriend. OH WAIT! I have a hot girlfriend right now!

Dear 75 followers

Ask me shit…so work goes faster. Nothing is off limits.


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Thats what’s up!

My life

I’m working and of course a hot girl comes in and I’m instantly thinking about banging her. I’m such a fuckin idiot.


It’s 9am and I just wanna fuck…god damnit. Lesbian Problems



Final Thought

I don’t care what you think about me. Whether you are my best friend, sibling, or somebody who has never met me before. I will always be who I am…ALWAYS. I’ve told my self I will never change for anybody, and make a difference in peoples lives. I am me…and will always be me. I don’t let anybody tell me what to do or how to run my life. I am me. And I will always be me.

People think Im crazy

For calling Britney Spears my Jesus.

I’m not crazy…

She has been a part of my life since I was in elementary school.


Let me say one more thing, I don’t think you realize, that a days like a year somtimes.
Telepopmusik - Don’t Look Back



Why the fuck is it so hard to find a girlfriend…

Because this town is so damn conservative and if you come out of the closet you’re looked down on.

Well to fuckin bad I do what I want….

No find me some hot bitches tumblr

I need to get fucked…TRUTH

It’s all over, I found a better way to help keep you from me. I’m better off this way!
A Day To Remember - Better Off This Way